Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Etsy store will move to Japan with me.

I'll be moving near here↑

I've already announced on Gazillion Crayon Etsy store, but I am moving to Japan with my cuddly husband next month. I will have to close my store for now and reopen in Japan as soon as I settle in a new nest.  I'm planning on my comeback with new fun items! In the mean time, I'll update this blog as much as possible and report my reverse culture shock experience in Japan:-)

The whole thing happened very suddenly, and things are moving so quickly now.  I'm super excited to be back home!..but actually I'm super super nervous at the same time since I will move to a town where I've never been to.  I grew up in Tokyo, worked in Tokyo, and Tokyo is my home town to me even now. My family and friends are there. But! It'll be an another new adventure, and it'll be full of excitements!

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