Thursday, June 10, 2010

Origin of me

Hello, everyone!

It's been awhile for me to be able to sit at the desk with some coffee and think about writing. I'm gonna write about this lady and me today.   This lady in animal print shirts is my mother and a fashion designer. She raised me and my brother alone with her endless creativity and passion for clothes. Probably many people would imagine some kind of fancy hipster like lifestyle from 'fashion designers'. She does have strong aesthetic sense and care about how things look around her. What makes my mother very special though is that she did all the things parents are supposed to do to kids after coming home from her work. If you are a working parent, especially in creative industry, you'd understand how crazy that is!

I have been exposed to fabrics, color sample, pins, mannequins, fashion magazines..since I was a kid. 
People around me and other family members probably thought I'd go to art school. I was always good at arts in school, and I did love it. I used to make spontaneous artwork out of things that were sitting in my room and give them to my friends next day as a present. But..I decided not to go to art school when I had to finally choose my path after high school. I even had a recommendation for an art school from my class room teacher. Why I didn't go? I still think about it sometimes, but one thing I remember for sure was that my mom's job didn't seem like something enjoyable or fun to me at that time. She was constantly thinking about fashion, colors, fabrics, photo shoots, sales etc. and struggling to generate something for the next season. She used to tell me, "I wish I could do office work, so that I can leave my work at office."  I know exactly what it means because I took such 'office job'. Instead of going to art school, I went to a college in the U.S to study journalism, changed my major to photo communications and ended up working as a consultant at a photo agency. You see I'm getting there:-) I always wanted to do arts, but I also avoided getting involved somehow.

After a long reroute I am:-) Drawing! I feel like Elling. "I was a poet!"

"Everything you experienced so far in life was necessary to get to this point. Don't rush. Many many opportunities are waiting for you. Just wait and work on your art."   That's what she says to me; My mother who returned to her profession when she was 38 after being stay-at-home mom for more than 10 years.

Isn't it encouraging?:-)
I don't know what kind of path is waiting for me in the future. When, how?  I don't know, but I finally found a world I belong to. And probably that would lead me to another new world to explore, new people to meet, new things to fascinate.

Origin of me. My mother. She is the one who sent me to world exploration and once again brought me back to where I belong to. Many to look forward to in the future!

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