Monday, March 21, 2011

Help Japan

It was a long week. Very long week.
I was in Tokyo visiting my family when the big earthquake hit.
I have never experienced such strong shake, and I seriously thought it was the end.
Fortunately my family and friends are safe. Including this guy.

He was rescued by my brother a few years ago at a near by shrine.
He is afraid of going outside. He even pees from fear when we take him outside.
The biggest natural disaster he's experienced in his life made him exhausted.

Same for us human.
Aftershocks, rolling blackouts, radiation threats, and crazy rumors like eruption of Mt. Fuji..
It was a exhausting week.

Compare to people directly affected by this disaster though.. I am very lucky that I have all  my loved one safe.  How are they going to rebuild their lives? What would happen to children who lost their parents? Where do they sleep? Where do they go to school?  So much support would be necessary for them as time goes by.

I see many relief efforts in creative community too, and I would like your support to help people affected by this terrible disaster.

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